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The CakeRMon Story

We all love to stop by for a delicious and warm treat or pick up something essential en-route when we spot a bakery. Consumers more than ever are looking at “ healthier” products which are guilt-free and seeking newer experiences and venturing into different flavours.

Changing lifestyles and quickly transforming consumer attitudes are shaping and restructuring India's bakery & essential commodities market.  The Indian food sector is growing, and there is considerable scope for entrepreneurial endeavours and an immense opportunity for skilled and non-skilled labourers.

 That is where a century-old experience comes in.

Ganguram brings CakeRMon - Simply Delicious, where there's something for everyone.

Ganguram, operative since 1892, prepares over 250 varieties of sweets every day; till now, while making hygiene and quality their cornerstone and taste a must.


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