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The CakeRMon Story

We all love to stop by for a delicious treat or pick up something en-route when we spot a  bakery. Changing lifestyles and quickly transforming consumer attitudes are re-shaping India's  bakery & essential commodities market. The Indian food sector is growing, and there is  considerable scope for entrepreneurial endeavours and an immense opportunity for skilled  and non-skilled labourers.

That is where a century-old experience comes in.  Ganguram brings CakeRMon - Simply Delicious, where there's something for everyone.             Ganguram, operative since 1892, prepares over 250 varieties of sweets every day; hygiene, quality and taste being their cornerstones.

With the definite shift in demand for healthier food options and regional and artisanal delicacies, CakeRMon is going to be THE bakery store, celebrating with you and catering to    all your essential needs as well.

Our vision

              We are passionate about bringing the best of bakery products to you. With 129 years of  experience in the sweet making industry and 35 years of experience in building franchise relationships, we are focused on the 3 Is.

  • Ingredients – Unparalleled quality

  • Innovate –  Constantly innovate to up our own game

  • Implement – Implement the best practices possible in the industry

 We constantly provide outstanding customer service and believe that customer satisfaction           is our ultimate goal. We are dedicated to provide our family of employees with a respectful and positive work environment where everyone is equal.

Our mission

With 129 years of experience, we aim to become a premiere national chain; with an offering for everyone.

Our Leadership



Mr. Apurv Chaurasia hails from the legendary house of Ganguram’s with an immense wealth of knowledge about confectionary business as his legacy. Ganguram has been a household name for over a century and has been the pioneer in creating a franchise model for sweet shops. 

Apurv, an MBA in Marketing & Finance from IMT Nagpur, has been instrumental in helping Ganguram’s to manage the franchise model, modernize and expand operations.  

Apurv had been working with AMUL before launching his own dairy business and also managed operations for a major bakery chain in Kolkata. Apurv brings his extensive knowledge and insight about bakery, dairy, food confectionery business to the fore.



Mr. Birendra Agarwal graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree in Accountancy from Calcutta University followed by bachelor’s degree in law (LL.B- Business Law) from Fakir    Mohan University. He has also over two decades of rich experience and has expertise in business management finance, accounts, venture projects, corporate management &       organisational development.

              Mr. Agarwal is also an eminent astrologer of modern times. He has completed Jyotish       Praveen, Jyotish Visharada and Nadi Astrology from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences          (ICAS).


                    He joined the board of director of CakeRMon since incorporation.



We have been in the business of sweetening your lives since 1892, and thus we know how to maintain quality. Our quality remains constant whether we stick to the traditional or innovate to delight your taste buds.

Product range:

We are not here to be just another bakery chain. We plan to be with you every day and in every way. From ready to eat Chapatis to a customized Birthday cake – CakeRMon is there  to cater to all your needs. From Essentials to the celebrations.

Extensive online and offline presence:

We aim to cater to our patrons at all possible times. Therefore, other than physical stores,  we will have an E-Commerce site that will deliver whatever you need from the nearest physical stores with an exhaustive inventory.

Understanding the franchise business:

Since we have been in the business since 1892, we will be offering you the best experience in the franchise module. Ganguram’s started a franchise module in sweet shops that is running successfully from the last 35 years. Starting from extensive training, helping you to set up the store, to periodic CSP training and other needful, we promise to hold your hand at every step.

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